This is hard for me. I am really struggling to put this together, as it is so disgusting. But, i will do my best to lay it out..--(SHADOW)

Many people go about thier daily lives just trying to survive. Whether rich or poor. Whether strong or weak. Everyone just tries to live some type of life out there in the world. Most people are good hard working. Many have a story to tell though. A story that goes back to the beginning of mans existance on this place we call a planet. Its called slavery!! With the advancement of modern medicine and biolabs world wide, this story has taken on an entire new meaning for the slaves. Not only do they suffer demoralizing sexual and other physical abuses. But, now when they are done with them thier handlers are turning them over to a new type of slaver. The human meat market!! from abortion clinics to biolabs. From sex slavers to satanic cults. This practice is a 3 trillion dollar industry world wide. If you think it is fake then you will want to pay close attention to what im going to give you now.

McDonalds has been the leader of the pack of this some what new industry for a couple of decades now.

Human flesh in McDonalds. McDonald's is going down (at least) 200 locations closed in 2021 alone (its really more like thousands. But, they are not going to tell the general public that.). Enormous numbers of McDonalds around the world have been closed after the FBI discovered they had been serving human meat.


I would like to thank MARY and JUDY for thier hard work on this data. Keep up the great work..

Please, before talking a bunch of shit. Do the work. Check out the links and follow the money. you will see the lite.(--SHADOW)

There is a small animated short out there on the internet. Go find it. very informative.
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